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What is an Unlimited Package?

With all our packages you receive unlimited access to all data, reports and document images. You are able to search, view and download unlimited reports during the time period that is applicable to the package that you have purchased. The packages provide continuous unlimited access starting from first login. Note that a fair use policy applies.

What is your fair usage policy?

The Fair Use Policy is designed to make sure that all checkthatcompany customers receive a fast and reliable service, and to ensure that the unlimited packages are not abused for commercial reasons. Packages are designed to be used by an individual organisation at a single address.

checkthatcompany reserves the right to employ whatever means necessary to ensure the service is not used inappropriately.

Company Reports Top

What are credit reports?

Credit reports contain company details and financial information derived from Companies House documents and other resources, such as County Courts and demographic information.

Why do I need a credit report?

Credit reports are a great way to protect your company. If you are looking to form a partnership, or extend credit to another company then it is always useful to make yourself aware of their financial history and situation so that you can assess any possible risks. Being informed is the best way of protecting your company; accessing a credit report will enable you to make informed business decisions in relation to who you should be doing business with, reducing your exposure to risk and protecting your cash flow.

Do I need the Company’s registered number?

The company’s registration number is not vital to the search, but it will help you find the company you are looking for much more efficiently. If you enter just the company name our detailed search will serve a list of companies containing the keywords entered.

I can’t find the non-limited company I am looking for

Due to the nature of Non-Limited companies, and that they don’t have to file official documentation at Companies House, we can only hold information on 90% of those Non-Limited companies.

However, we also hold a slightly different company name to the one you have, so it would be worth using the advanced search function and look for postcode only. If this fails, we can carry out a fresh investigation into the company for you.

How do you indicate if a company is creditworthy?

We highlight creditworthiness through our ‘traffic light’ system of credit scoring – red advises you to be cautious and request a cash payment; amber suggests that you negotiate short payment terms; and green gives you a positive credit decision. Our credit rating provides a score of 1-100, plus a credit limit for that company is given alongside the rating so you know what they can and can’t afford.

You have a different company address to the one we have, why is this?

The address listed on the Company Credit Report is the registered address for the business and you may have the address of their accountant for example. For all the official information you can check the company information tab for the trading address to ensure that your records match.

Why should I trust your data?

The information provided in our Company Credit Reports is sourced directly from a number of sources including Companies House, the London and Edinburgh Gazettes and the Registry Trust. We have updated our Credit Score which is now one of the most up to date and predictive in the industry, predicting on average 40% of company insolvencies 12 months prior.

Director Reports Top

What is included in a Director Report?

The information on directors of companies includes:

  • Personal details
  • Report summary
  • Live directorships trading/non-trading companies
  • Directorships of dissolved companies
  • Directorships of companies with insolvency proceedings
  • Resigned directorships
How extensive and accurate is your director database?

There are approximately 9.3 million live directorships covering 2.5 million companies held on our database. The directors’ database is updated on a daily basis through feeds from Companies House. Stringent measures are in place to ensure high standards of accuracy are maintained by continuous sampling and measurement.

Why are there no Directors or Shareholders listed?

If a company is brand new, the Director information may be filed at a later date, or the company may have changed hands and had not updated Companies House accordingly. There is currently no legal requirement for Non-Limited companies to share this level of information.

Risk Tracker Top

What is Risk Tracker?

Risk Tracker is a monitoring service that allows you to monitor changes to companies that you are dealing with. You choose the companies and the changes you wish to monitor and we will send an email notification straight to your inbox when these changes occur.

Why should I use Risk Tracker?

Being aware of any changes that may occur amongst the companies you liaise with is important when it comes to making business decisions. Risk Tracker saves you time by removing the need to manually check these companies, as well as ensure that the information you are basing your decisions on is up to date.

Can I control which changes I monitor?

Yes. You have complete control over what changes you get alerted to and on which companies. You also have control on the email addresses receiving Risk Tracker updates.

Document Images Top

What is included in the database of company document images?

With checkthatcompany you are able to access every single document within our image bank covering the following image types:

  • Accounts
  • Annual returns
  • Capital and shareholder
  • New incorporation
  • Mortgage
  • Liquidation
  • Change of name
  • Miscellaneous
How far back do the document images date?

Thanks to an extensive project of backscanning we are now able to provide original company filing documents pre-1996 to enable amongst other things the ability to index the most salient documents and allow them to be downloaded instantly.